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  • Will the cart coin unlock all carts?
    The Cart Coin Loonie and quarters have been sized slightly smaller than the Canadian Quarter and Loonie so that it will fit the variety of tolerances built in to the different coin receivers across Canada.
  • Why is there a tab attached to the coin shape?
    The Cart Coin has been ergonomically designed to assist users with mobility difficulties, larger fingers, or long nails to be able to remove the coin with ease.
  • What if I do not need a quarter?
    If your local stores do not require a Quarter (yet), we have the Craft Singles option available. The Craft Singles are single Loonie pieces with the clip.
  • When will I receive my Cart Coin order?
    Each order is mailed via Canada Post non-registered letter mail. Once your order is placed please allow 2-3 business days for processing and an additional 5-7 days for shipping (depending on your location in Canada)
  • Can I return my Cart Coins?
    unfortunately no, the Cart Coin orders are non refundable.
  • What if my Cart Coin breaks?
    Please send us a message if your Cart Coin break and we will be happy to discuss your replacement options
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