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Hi! My name is Tanya and I am the owner and designer of Honeycomb Designs.Canada.

With my degree and background in Industrial Design, I have been interested in 3D printing and creating products for many years now. With my knowledge and capabilities in 3D modeling and design, a 3D printer seemed like a great fit for me.

What started as a functional hobby as I called it has now evolved into a small business, starting with the Cart Coin keychain!

Like most designs they start with a problem and the design intent is to solve that problem.


In Abbotsford and many other cities, it has become more and more common for stores to require a coin to unlock and use the shopping cart. More often than not when you walk over to the shopping cart you frantically pat your pockets, rummage thru your purse or run back to your car’s change pile for that quarter or loonie that is needed.

Well look no further! The problem has been solved! Everyone has their keys on them; in their purse, pocket or bag. The Cart Coin keychain stays on your car/house keys and is always there when you most need it. No more fumbling and running around looking for change!


Available in multiple colors the Cart Coin keychain will ease your shopping trip every time you need to unlock a cart.

Thank you for supporting a Canadian home business.

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